Our “second brain”

We often talk about “trusting our gut” or “making a gut decision,” and for good reason: the link between our brain and our gut is among the strongest connections in our bodies.

Scientists even refer to the gut as the second brain.(1) With evidence-based tools and strategies, we can manage this communication to reduce digestive symptoms and increase emotional wellbeing.

What is the gut-brain connection?

The gut-brain connection – also known as the gut-brain axis – refers to the communication back and forth between our digestive tracts and our minds.

In fact, just like the nervous system in the brain, the gut has its own nervous system called the enteric nervous system.

Located within the walls of the GI tract, the enteric nervous system has millions of nerve connections that control gut functions. Because that system relies on most of the same chemical messengers that are found in the central nervous system, scientists now better understand how the “second brain” impacts our emotional functioning, too. 

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Targeting the gut-brain connection for GI symptom relief

Oshi Health GI Behavioral Health providers have expertise in evidence-based therapies that influence the gut-brain connection to promote optimal GI function. Examples of these therapies include:

  • Belly breathing
  • GI-focused cognitive behavioral therapy
  • Gut-directed hypnotherapy
  • Mindfulness meditation
  • Stress reduction strategies
  • And more

These tools counteract natural stress response and turn on the body’s relaxed state, which can:

  • Reduce abdominal pain, bloating, diarrhea, constipation, and other digestive symptoms
  • Enhance coping skills for living with chronic GI conditions
  • Increase wellbeing and quality of life
  • Improve overall digestive health

The Oshi Health approach

During your visit(s), your GI Behavioral Health Provider will discuss how you can tap into the gut-brain connection, tailoring therapies and interventions to best meet your specific needs and help you find lasting GI relief.  

Here at Oshi Health, GI Behavioral Health Providers take a targeted and personalized approach through GI-focused behavioral tools to improve your gut-brain connection.