Welcome to the GI Health Coaching Program! We’re so glad you’re here. Chances are, working with a GI Health Coach is new to you. Here’s a bit of context to get you started

What is a GI Health Coach?

A GI Health Coach is a part of your multidisciplinary care team at Oshi Health. Your Coach helps you implement the recommendations from your care team, plus, introduce additional lifestyle habits that support digestive health. 

What is the Coaching program like?

Our Coaching program is a minimum of 12 weeks, and included in your membership fee at no added cost. Your Coach helps you break down your care recommendations into small, realistic goals and sustainable action plans. You’ll also work together in a unique way by identifying lifestyle changes to best support your condition and personal health goals.

How do I communicate with my Coach?

Our Coaching program is designed to be convenient and flexible. So, no appointments required! Coach conversations occur solely through chat messaging. The chat is not instant; your messages are responded to within 24 hours, Monday through Friday.

Why should I work with a Coach?

Coaches are behavior change experts. Your Coach works to understand your unique daily life, goals, and motivations, and together you’ll collaborate to make your care recommendations realistic and accessible. 

Working with a Coach also provides an opportunity to improve your overall health, including physical and emotional wellbeing, and build your motivation. At the end of the program, you should feel equipped, educated, and confident in managing your GI condition and sustaining new health habits long-term. 

I still have questions…. 

No problem – message your Coach! Your Coach can help you work through any hesitations or questions you may have before beginning the program.